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Success Stories

Caso de éxito: Plataforma ProtorQ

Intelligent IoT for ProtorQ

  • Increase in asset performance.
  • Maintenance reduction.
  • Monitoring of critical variables in real-time.
Caso de éxito: Plataforma Mutual Seguros

Intelligent IoT for Mutual de Seguros

  • Real-time energy monitoring.
  • Control of energy spending.
  • Smart alerts on consumption.
  • Monitoring critical variables in real-time.
Plataforma Empack

Intelligent IoT for Empack

  • Fault prediction for optimal maintenance scheduling.
  • Increase in asset performance.
  • Decrease in maintenance costs.
  • Decrease of variables in real-time.
Caso de éxito: Punto Solar

Image Processing Suite for Punto Solar

  • Hot-spot detection using infrared and thermographic cameras.
  • Web platform for image processing and to obtain results graphically.
  • Fissure, dents, dirt, and dust detection with HD cameras and microcracks using micro-luminescence.
  • Damage and the useful life of solar panels prediction integrating AI.
  • Optimization of the production though the estimation of the power generation of the plant, as well as in taking preventive actions.
Caso de éxito: Plataforma Enel

Image Processing Suite for Enel

  • Fault detection on light posts and transmission lines using HD cameras.
  • Web Platform for geographic information system of detected events.
  • Analysis of videos and images automatically and intelligently, to alert, announce, and geolocate faults.
  • Fast-Track response to problems captured by social networks.
  • Optimization of Database generation and obtantion of new KPIs through data analysis.​
  • Operational optimization of man-hours.
Caso de éxito: Plataforma Ripley

Image Processing Suite for Ripley

  • Detection of waiting time in line of 200 checkouts.
  • Merchandise estimation.
  • Obtantion of new KPIs through Computer Vision.
  • Efficient staff management.
Caso Éxito Plataforma Solar Tracker

Software Development for Solar Tracker

  • Energy production prediction for energy market analysis and plan evaluation.
  • Increase in asset performance.
  • Decrease in maintenance costs
  • Sustainable extension of business.
Caso Éxito Plataforma Lipigas

Data Science Lab for Lipigas

  • National demand prediction of more than 1MM customers based on consumer behavior data analysis.
  • Obtantion of KPIs and data using predictive algorithms under SAP ERP.
  • New income at the SMS level.
  • Decrease on operational and HR costs.
  • Production demand visibility.
  • Re-acquisition, loyalty, and customer retention based on Digital Marketing.
Caso de éxito: Plataforma HDI

Data Science Lab HDI

  • "High precision scoring" generation using all existing variables and business rules in the evaluation process.
  • Prediction and fraud behavior based on historical customer data.
  • Continuous improvement on the automation.
  • Decompression and optimization of internal areas of the company.
  • Rapid ROI generation.
Caso Éxito Plataforma AesGener

Robotic Process Automation for AES Gener

  • ROI estimation using all existing variables and business rules in the stochastic evaluation process.
  • Simulation and behavior of future energy assets.
  • Continuous improvement automation..
  • Decompression and optimization of internal company areas.
  • Better decision making in asset trading.

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