Intelligent IoT

Intelligent IoT plataforma

Manage your assets 365 days a year, and be able to anticipate emergencies using Machine Learning.

We are experts in the integration of devices to the cloud for remote monitoring.

100% Customizable platform based on Thingsboard technology.

Plataforma basada en tecnología Thingsboard 100% personalizable.

Plataforma iot

Increase productivity, and efficiency anticipating failures by predictively maintaining your assets and machines with the help of AI and Machine Learning.

Significant savings in maintenance and machinery costs

Personalized alerts, for mobile devices, email or alerts in the dashboard, you can select when it's time to change or repair your active devices or spare parts.

Manage and control your company remotely and safely

Our platform allows you to manage connections, devices and data, as well as generate an interface for devices administration.

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How does it works?

IoT Methology Eng mobile version

Security & Reliability

We count with high-security encryption in Data Transfer for all our products and services, using SSL /TLS or Blockchain.

Success Stories

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